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Motorcycle the Dempster and Alaskan Highways

For two years in a row the Bakers focused their annual adventures to motorcycle the Dempster and Alaskan Highways. A major goal was to reach the Arctic Ocean. Accordingly, they covered nearly 20,000 miles on self guided tours to see the Northwest of their continent. In addition to exhilarating motorcycle riding, they experienced incredible scenic beauty, challenging terrain, and extremes in weather and road conditions. Details of these rides including routes, photos, videos, and notes can be found on Look under Trips from the menu bar.  Or,  CLICK HERE to go directly to the Alaska and Northwestern Canada page.

These adventures to motorcycle the Dempster and Alaskan Highways covered many fantastic roads and places. For example, they rode the  Dempster, Glenn, Seward, Richardson, Top of the World, Denali, George Parks, Cassiar, Campbell, and the AlCan Highways.  Destinations included Hyder, Arctic Circle, Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyatuk, Inuvik, Whittier, Homer, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Tok, Chicken, Laird Hot Springs, Chena Hot Springs, Skagway, Valdez, McCarthy, Kennecott, Banff, Jasper, and many others. Travel included many unpaved roads and out of the way places to take you really off the grid.

The goal of 2ShareOurRide is to encourage and inspire, to get you out there. Make dreams your reality. To find tips on how to do it check out our website.

One of our ride partners produced a short video of our ride up the Dempster and on to the Arctic Ocean.  See the clip on his website at Stephen Fischer Photography. CLICK HERE  to go directly to the video. 


For questions and encouragement, send us an email.

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Riding with Rawhyde

Jon and VickyJo are planning their annual trip to Baja for 2019.  This year we are excited to be traveling with other moto enthusiasts.  Rawhyde Adventures will be hosting their great Adventure Days Rally followed by a Big Bikes to Baja trip and we are registered for both.  We hope to see some old friends and make new ones.  Please check out the rally and the Baja trip at Adventure Days   (February 21- 24, 2019) and Big Bikes in Baja  (February 25- March 3, 2019).

Jon attended the Adventure Days Rally last year and loved it.  It was a great value, he learned a lot, made new friends, and went on great rides in the Southern California Desert with the folks from Rawhyde. We are telling all our friends to come join us for one or both events.  VickyJo would especially like to have some ladies to ride with!

Couple on BAja Beach
Playa El Tesoro
Photo from
Baja Beach Riding BMWGS1200 *Photo taken from

Why and How to Motorcycle Baja

It’s the time of year motorcyclists think of heading south.  We love riding our motorcycles to Baja and just keep going back every year. This year we did 2700 miles to Criss Cross Baja by Motorcycle.

Friends ask what makes motorcycling Baja so special why do you keep going back ?  The answer is not just one thing but many things that work together and add up to absolutely spectacular vacations.

This post is about why we love it, why you should go, and tips for helping you make your own trip to Baja a reality for 2019.

Reasons we love motorcycling Baja:

Every ride to Baja is an adventure.  We visit places we have never been and the pull of the unknown urges us forward each morning.  Sometimes we ride big bikes and sometimes smaller dual sport bikes, so each ride takes on a specific style. This contributes to variety so the trip never gets old.  It’s different every time.

We rarely make reservations and are never sure where we will lay our head at the end of the day.  It could be in the sand, a plush Cabo resort, or a fine hotel that just emerges in the middle of no-where. Each day starts with a sense of adventure and ends the same.

Baja offers spectacular and diverse scenery.  Oceans, rivers, deserts, mountains, all await you.  This makes for some beautiful scenery as well as incredible motorcycle riding.

The Mexican people are awesome.  Their lives are rich with human stories they are open and willing to share. The people are warm and friendly and we appreciate the casual and simple way they seem to go about life. We love their music and their culture.  The matriarchal society celebrates women and family in openness that is heart warming to see.

Mexican Cusine is unique and flavorful.  The best food in the world can be had for a buck or two at a roadside shed.  Or, you can go all out with multiple courses, table cloths and place settings for 20 bucks. And the drinks — WOW; Mexico has the best tequila and margaritas in the world.  The beer is fantastic too.

Great riding, beautiful scenery, wonderful people, delicious food and drinks are the building blocks you need to make an exciting and memorable vacation.

How to Make your own motorcycle trip to Baja 2019

Our goal at 2ShareOurRide is to encourage others to get on their bikes and GO!  Please check out our pages on riding in Baja for helpful hints, free gpx downloads, google maps, photos and tips on creating your own fun adventures south of the border.

For 2700 mile trip Criss Cross Baja north to South on Big Bikes CLICK HERE.

For a shorter off-road adventure to Mike’s Sky Ranch and more about off-road riding in Baja CLICK HERE.

We are happy to help.  If you have questions, send us an email from our contact page.

Jon & VickyJo Baker, ALWAYS READY TO RIDE!

Chena Hot Springs Resting Day 10 of Alaska Moto Adventure

After 3200 miles and 9 straight days of all day riding, we are enjoying a much needed break on day 10 of our Alaska Moto Adventure.   It is a rainy day here in Alaska with temperatures in the low 50s.  It is a perfect day to get off the motorcycle and soak our weary bodies in hot natural pools found just outside of Fairbanks.  After a short 60 mile ride this morning, we checked in to the Chena Hot Springs Resort.

One could stay here a week and be entertained with so much to see and do.  Soaking in the hot pools, fine dining, hiking, 4-wheeling, horseback riding, and many other things are available.

The weather looks dry enough for the next 4 straight days. So, tomorrow very early we head out for the ride of our lives, the Dalton Highway.

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Motorcycle the AlCan Highway across British Columbia through the Yukon and into Alaska August 2018

We are on our GS 1200s to Motorcycle the AlCan Highway across British Columbia through the Yukon and into Alaska. After one week of motorcycling across British Columbia we finally emerged from the smoke tunnel to see clear skies.  Once we turned north toward the Yukon the smoke clouds finally began to dissipate. . Now we are able to see the gorgeous scenery all around that we have been missing because of the cloud cover.  It is a beautiful country and I am excited to see what is ahead.

The roads are fantastic and we have passed through only a couple of construction zones.Yesterday we crossed the AlCan Highway for a 330 mile day that was just gorgeous riding.  There were plenty of stops for gas, coffee, soda, and restrooms.

Jon at the Sign Post Forrest

We stopped at Liard Hot Springs for an hour of relaxation and clean up.  There we met other motorcyclists also on a similar journey.

Walkway to Hot Springs
Vicky Enjoying a Soak








One of the nice things about this ride is crossing paths with others who are own their own 2 wheeled adventure.  For some we cross paths many times and get the chance to share stories and learn from one another.  Motorcyclists make a grand community.

Patrick from New England, solo trip on his Versys

Today we set out for Dawson City where we will rest the night and get ready for the big adventure in Alaska and the Dalton Highway.

Motorcycle riding through British Columbia August 2018

We have been motorcycling through British Columbia for the last two days.  Today we exit BC hopefully  entering the Yukon to find cleaner air and beautiful scenery.  Our 2 days in BC were cold as the smoke blanket obscured the sun and limited our visibility at times to only 100 yards.  Vicky struggled with breathing when the smoke was at it thickest.  She wore the neck gator up over her nose and that seemed to help a bit.

Canada’s news channels are claiming over 600 wildfires are burning now making this one of the worst summers in history for the BC Provence. People are warned to avoid outside activities and to avoid exertion with deep breathing in the smoky air filled with ash particles.

As we entered Chetwynd yesterday afternoon, the smoke thinned out a bit and we were rewarded with views of tall rounded mountains covered with the tallest evergreen trees ever seen.  The sky turned blue with wispy white clouds and breathing was much easier.  The temperature finally reached the upper 60s and even low 70s.

Our next adventure will be in the Yukon under clear skies with a promising forecast of sunshine and smoke free skies.

My BMW GS 1200 Rallye Seat Debacle

My BMW GS 1200 Rallye Seat Debacle is a somewhat embarrassing story but I share it hoping to help other really short BMW GS 1200 riders.  Riding this fantastic bike is thrilling, exciting, and easy to do.  I ordered the lowered model and was able to touch the ground with the ball of one foot. However, what is not easy is parking and maneuvering a loaded GS 1200 at a slow speed using your legs. On a flat surface with the gas tank near empty and no luggage or gear on the bike, I had no problem.  But in real life, rarely do such circumstances exist.  So, I began to search for ways to get more of my feet on the ground. Continue reading “My BMW GS 1200 Rallye Seat Debacle”

Moto Adventure to Moab

We were lucky to enjoy a late spring Moto Adventure to Moab with a small group of friends.  It is so much fun to share the ride.  For those that couldn’t be there with us, we put together some info with maps, gpx files, photos to share with you.  With this information it will be easy for you to make your own Moto Adventure to Moab.  No matter what kind of motorcycle you ride, there is something in Moab for you.  Check our website for navigation downloads and other hints to plan your own incredible adventure.

Helpful files and info can be found at these links:

Motorcycle Moab White Rim Trail on Big Adventure Bikes

Motorcycle Moab White Rim Trail on Dual Sport Bikes

Motorcycle the Backroad to Arches National Park


Lockhart Basin Ride


Our 2018 Lockhart Basin Ride was the hardest motorcycle ride I have ever done in my life!  This ride was is 75 miles of dirt and rocks, near Moab Utah. There were steep, near impossible climbs and rocky narrow trails along the upper edge of deep canyons.  I have done this ride before and it was never easy, but this time the terrain was exceptionally difficult to navigate on my KTM 690.  Trails change with weather and wear and this one was near impassable in places for our May 2018 ride. Our buddy broke the frame on his motorcycle in the middle of the ride.  We strapped it back together enough to finish the ride, but the bike is history.

Lockhart canyon is a famous trail that every dual sport motorcycle rider should do; but, go with friends.  Have 2 or 3 buddies strong enough to lift and push because some places could be just too step to ride without help.

This year was the second time I have done it.  Check out the short GoPro clip to see why  I say it was the hardest motorcycle ride I have ever done in my life.

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