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November 2016

A day in Santiago Airport

Vicky and I have been hanging out for the entire day at the hotel trying to learn how to use computers and this new WordPress stuff. So watch us learn. I am basically computer illiterate.  Vicky also told me I can not say any cuss words on her site.



My favorite picture

River near Futalaflu.jpgday-7-hornopiren-to-puerta-varas-waterfalls





Ferry ride 

We had to rush from Futalaflu to the ferry terminal. This was our hardest day riding. It was about 125 miles of rough dirt roads with a lot of construction.  We had to leave at 7am and arrived at the ferry terminal at 1230pm. The ferry leaves at 1pm.  We had no ticket either. Luckily they are very accommodating to motorcyclist.

Vicky had a very nice conversation with an Argentinian man on the boat ride

Then we road another 12 km to the next ferry a 4 hour ride.  The whole ride was cheap about $20. 

The view from the ferry is nice too 

Back in Pucon Chile

Well we made safely back yesterday. Jon is sick as a dog just a headcold but miserable. The weather just held out perfect for our ride. We just finished before the clouds and rain

We have a rest day in Pucon. Thank god.  I need a day in bed  ​


From Chile to Argentina for two nights and back. Busy and very long days. About 350  km per day or in our language about 200+ miles. Weather has been perfect.

On thing we did not do was to exchange money before crossing boarder thinking it would be easy to exchange money it is not.  US dollars are not taken and if you have a tear in a 20 dollar bill it is good for toilet paper. ATM’s sometime work and have a interesting process to get inside. I actually like the locked door to use a ATM the US should do the same.

Food has been good.

We are spending about $200 a day for food and gas. The Hotels were included in the trip from Ride Adventures,

I will say more about the rental bike and the hotels later. For now I should be nice. Actually I should always be nice. Best way to be.

Pucon Chile 

Villarica volcano and lake of he same name. We are on a preride rest day before we starting riding tomorrow. Also it’s Vicky’s 60th birthday.  

Welcome to our web site. It is a beginning work in progress but we want to share our trip to Chile with friends back home so we will start posting tomorrow. We leave for our adventure at 8:45 am and will post regular updates and photos so our family can keep track of us.

We flew from Sacramento to Dallas to Santiago Chile. It was an all night flight.  Vicky sleeps all time I never sleep on  airplanes. 

No problem we still enjoyed the day in Santiago Chile. We decided to stay at the airport holiday inn to make tomorrows flight to  Temuco easy. 

Above you see thousands of love locks on the bridges over the canal in Santiago. Similar to what you see in Italy.

Vicky enjoying breakfast in Bella Vista. 

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