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February 2017

Motorcycle Great Continental Divide


Bakers signed up for July 2017 GCD.  Check it out:
We know from personal experience that GPS Kevin does a great job and we are so excited to join his group for this once in a lifetime experience.  There is still space available on this trip. CLICK HERE  to see details of this 2767 mile trip and how to sign up.

Gold River to Sausalito 2/26/2017

2/26/2017 RIDE TO SAUSALITO, CAimg_5669winter-coast-ride

KSU 9AM at Denny’s in Gold River, CA.

38 Degrees leaving home headed to Denny’s.

47 Degrees and Cloudy in Gold River at 9AM Sunday

47 Degrees and Sunny in Sausalito at 11 AM Sunday

It was a 250 mile ride, temperature varied from 38 to 60, lovely day.

The ride was nice. Lake Berryessa glory hole was flowing.

Coffee and company was perfect in Sausalito.

The View of San Francisco was crystal clear.

Coffee in Sausalito on Sunday

img_7099Join us for a motorcycle ride to Sausalito. Enjoy a brisk ride on Sunday, February 26, from Sacramento departing at 9AM  to Sausalito where we stop for coffee and warm up.  Then bundle up and get ready for a BEAUTIFUL ride to Golden Gate Bridge and loop around Bunker road for breathtaking views and back to Sacramento before dusk.

Contact US at for details.


Escape winter, motorcycle the Road to Hana!

nahiku-road-juEscape winter! Motorcycle the Road to Hana.  We just finished an extended weekend get-away to Maui and took cruisers on the Road to Hana.  It was warm and beautiful and best of all, seen from the seat of a motorcycle.  Check it out on under Trips.  CLICK HERE to jump straight to notes of this ride. To see the photo gallery of spots along this ride CLICK HERE

Motorcycling Road to Hana. Extreme weather requires extreme measures….

maui-best-9-of-15Constant rain, cancelled rides, disappointment, NO MOTORCYCLING!! Our much anticipated February Death Valley ride cancelled due to weather.  Jon says I was in a funk, needed to get out.  We were both secretly doing it and accidentally discovered we were both thinking the same thing—how much would it cost to get outta this rain and ride in the sunshine of Maui?  We decided that since we were both thinking about it, we should just do it.  A weekend in Maui and a motorcycle ride of the road to Hana.  Great medicine for my funk!  And shared with my son Juan Reed.  A perfect weekend with details on riding the road to Hana on cruisers coming soon under Trips at

img_8374Yesterday we went for much needed motorcycle therapy!  From Sacramento, we went north on I-80 to Auburn and then to Forrest Hill.  From Worton’s Market on Forrest Hill Road we turned north and took Iowa Hill Road to Iowa Hill and then back to Colfax and south to Sacramento. It was a fantastic ride for about 90 miles of winding curves and dips, waterfalls, streams, smatterings of roadside snow and pine needles.  The sun was out and the temperature was a delightful 50 degrees.  Fantastic day of easy asphalt and zero traffic. This ride is a keeper for a future repeat and we would love to share with friends if anyone is interested we’d be glad to take you.

Finally we got out for a Ride

It’s been raining forever here, so was nice to get out with Vicky for a nice ride. All paved but still good. Both of my bikes have new front tires so need to get then rolling. I stopped balancing tires it hasn’t made any difference.

Get out on your bikes and you will be happy.



Safely lifting your motorcycle off the ground is essential for tire changes and other routine maintenance.  Our big bikes have center stands but the smaller bikes don’t. The KTM 690 is too heavy for me to lift on a MX stand.  My solution was to buy this jack… Continue reading “Jack”

Motorcycling in very cold weather — No Problem if you own this:

Cold Weather Motorcycling
Cold Weather Motorcycling

Motorcycling in freezing weather with snow and wind but still toasty and warm can happen if you own the right gear.  This is how I do it, and it works. To check out part of my methods Click Here

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