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March 2017

Butler Maps NorCal #34 Feather River Ride

Feather River Rest Stop

Feather River Ride Butler Maps NorCal Box 34, we attempted in early March. Our goal was to do the red and yellow rides as they are the Best according to the map. However because of recent storms damaging the roads and late snowfall we encountered many road closures. We did complete nearly 400 miles for the day’s adventure, 99% paved riding. We had a blast. For details including gpx file, google map, photos, details CLICK HERE.

Motorcycle Butler Maps NorCal #15 Route to Leesville

Despite the gloomy weather we had a fantastic motorcycle ride today to Leesville.  Managed to get in 200 miles, much of it off-road and only had to wipe a few drops of rain off the face shield.  Details with photos, video, gpx files are available by CLICKING HERE.

2017 Baja Moto Adventure Mike’s Sky Ranch

Just returned from a fantastic 5 day adventure to Mike’s Sky Ranch in Baja California Mexico.  Some challenging sand riding but everything went well.  Complete notes with directions, maps, video to be published soon.  To see the Photo gallery CLICK HERE .

Baja Visa?

Baja Adventure riders, do you recommend getting the visa stamped?  Does anyone know if there is a location at the Tecate border to get the stamp? Going to Baja for 3 days riding and think under present political situation we should get the stamp although we have never done it before because we couldn’t find the office.

Spring Ride El Dorado Forest

Today was our first time this spring to one of our favorite rides. We call it Yankee Jim’s Ride.  Sadly, –well sadly only for jeeps and trucks– much of the road is now impassable due to storm damage. The road was missing in places, muddy and rutted in others, but easily passable by dual sport bikes.  There were many waterfalls and lots of rushing creeks and rivers to view.  After the dirt road, we travelled into Forest Hills where the temperature dropped and eventually the road was closed due to snow.  Details of this ride with video clip, gpx file, and maps are available by CLICKING HERE.

Trapped under heavy motorcycle, now what?

Trapped under bike on a downhill fall, how do I push the heavy bike uphill and free myself?  I once read an account of a man who nearly died in his own driveway after 8 days of being trapped in a similar fall.  CLICK HERE for details on his situation.  Ideas anyone?  I saw an advertisement about a Dustriders’ jack designed for this purpose. CLICK HERE to see video demo on how to use the jack and pricing details.  It is expensive but a small price to pay if it works.  Has anyone had experience with this product or similar ones?  Please share your thoughts.

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