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April 2017

Mavic Pro Drone

We wanted to expand our photo and video to show you our rides.

I having been toying with the idea of buying a Drone for about a year now. I was going to buy the Go Pro Karma but due to some technical issues I decided to buy the Mavic Pro by DJI. This is a folding very compact Drone. It has all the technology of DJI’s larger heavier Phantom Drones but is portable.

Now I have absolutely no flying experience and have never flown a drone or remote control aircraft before. In the past when I did buy a remote control aircraft it lasted about 10 minutes then I would console my son that it was fun while it lasted.

The Mavic Pro is completely different… Continue reading “Mavic Pro Drone”

Dual Sport Fun Eldorado CA

Join us for 4 minutes of Sunday’s Dual Sport Ride of Yankee Jim, Shirt Tail Canyon, and Elliott Ranch — GREAT dual sport riding near Eldorado Forest in Northern California.


CLICK HERE for Youtube video.


Know When to Go and Know When to Say NO!

My weekend 1500+ mile ride was a hodgepodge of places, terrain, bikes, and people. It started out near the Anza Borrego Desert in San Diego County and travelled as far north as Hell Hole Reservoir in Placer County, California.  Most of it I did alone. But, some of the miles I shared with Motocross World Champion Bonnie Warch, and some I shared with the Champion of my world, Jon Baker. From the deserts to the mountains, across dry sand or wet slimy mud, rocky ruts or smooth highway, the important lesson is the same.  Know when to go, and know when to say no! Continue reading “Know When to Go and Know When to Say NO!”

Invest in yourself!

Dream machines and the best gear are not enough.  Sometimes you have to focus on skill building to get the best out of the ride.  That’s what I’m doing this weekend in the Southern California desert at Coach2ride of Anza, CA…. Continue reading “Invest in yourself!”

CC’s Loop, a motorcycle road ride with everything

CC’s Loop is an incredible 244 mile motorcycle ride from Sacramento to Coulterville along roads only a local would know.  It meanders off the beaten path under bridges, over bridges, crossing lakes and rivers and reservoirs along narrow, winding, cliff hugging roads with ascents to 3000 feet before dropping to the valley floor.  Details with route, maps, GPX files, and photos posted on 2Shareourride under Favorite Rides, or  CLICK HERE for a direct link.

Ready, set, GO! Baja riding for 2017.

Baja California Mexico is indeed one of the BEST dual-sport or adventure motorcycle playgrounds in the world. If you love motorcycle adventure like we do, and especially if you live in California, we encourage you– just do it!  We have published all the info you need to plan your next trip. On our website you will find helpful hints, gpx files, google maps, and links to resources we used to make our trips FANTASTIC. The latest page added to our website is not a detail of our adventure; the point is to give you what you need to make your own adventure. To check it out CLICK HERE or visit under Trips in the menu bar.

Narrowest, Curviest, Steepest Road

Iowa Hill Road has been called the narrowest, curviest and steepest of paved roads in the Sierra foothills by travel journalist. I traveled it today the way it ought to be done– me and my BMW GS 700, wind in my face, rock-n-roll in my ears, sunshine on my back, with lots of time and a Canon in my pack. I checked out some side roads, gazed at the mountains, took pictures, and mostly just enjoyed the ride.  The road was curvy and steep, lined with red dirt ledges and towering trees.  I wanted more pictures but dared not to stop with no shoulder and 1000 foot drops to the river below. The road meandered along with switch-backs, hair pin loops requiring tight turns marked for 5 mph speeds.  How’s that for practicing my slow, near locked handlebar turns!!

Professionals have photographed it and described the ride better than me.  Read about what they had to say:  SFGate Magazine  and/or

GPX file and Google Map coming soon.

Tire changing

How to change your own tires


Motorcycle tires do not last that long, so if you are going to pay someone to mount those new tires on your bike plan on paying out $100 for mount and balance. I know I use to do to do this and my wife still thinks this is cost effective. I ask her, “are you rich?”, she just says I married money….LOL! Continue reading “Tire changing”

Need to Practice Water crossings? We have a ride for you!

Need to practice your water crossings? This ride is waiting for you! We call this the Latrobe Road or Our Red Dirt Road Ride and now the water is just right. Maps, Photos, Videos just updated on our website at this link: CLICK HERE for details. Or go to and click on Favorite Rides.

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