Iowa Hill Road has been called the narrowest, curviest and steepest of paved roads in the Sierra foothills by travel journalist. I traveled it today the way it ought to be done– me and my BMW GS 700, wind in my face, rock-n-roll in my ears, sunshine on my back, with lots of time and a Canon in my pack. I checked out some side roads, gazed at the mountains, took pictures, and mostly just enjoyed the ride.  The road was curvy and steep, lined with red dirt ledges and towering trees.  I wanted more pictures but dared not to stop with no shoulder and 1000 foot drops to the river below. The road meandered along with switch-backs, hair pin loops requiring tight turns marked for 5 mph speeds.  How’s that for practicing my slow, near locked handlebar turns!!

Professionals have photographed it and described the ride better than me.  Read about what they had to say:  SFGate Magazine  and/or

GPX file and Google Map coming soon.