Dream machines and the best gear are not enough.  Sometimes you have to focus on skill building to get the best out of the ride.  That’s what I’m doing this weekend in the Southern California desert at Coach2ride of Anza, CA….

Today was spent with Bonnie Warch, World Motocross Champion, focusing on dirt bike skills training.  Bonnie  demonstrated techniques and then evaluated and critiqued my riding both on the dirt track and then on trails.  We rode single tracks with sands, ruts, and obstacles and practiced log crossings.

It was a day of fun skill building and entertainment.  Watching Bonnie effortlessly float across the trails was pleasurable and inspiring.  I wish it really were as easy as she makes it look!

Bonnie co-owns Coach2ride with Andrea Beach, also a motocross champion.  To learn more check out Coach2ride on Facebook or connect to their website Coach2ride.com

I look forward to tomorrow when I get the chance to ride with Andrea.  I’m sure her well-trained eye will zero in on things I need to work on. Plus, we will get to take the big bike out on local desert trails.  I feel like a kid looking forward to Christmas morning.