We wanted to expand our photo and video to show you our rides.

I having been toying with the idea of buying a Drone for about a year now. I was going to buy the Go Pro Karma but due to some technical issues I decided to buy the Mavic Pro by DJI. This is a folding very compact Drone. It has all the technology of DJI’s larger heavier Phantom Drones but is portable.

Now I have absolutely no flying experience and have never flown a drone or remote control aircraft before. In the past when I did buy a remote control aircraft it lasted about 10 minutes then I would console my son that it was fun while it lasted.

The Mavic Pro is completely different…

You need not flying skills.

You need about $1000 to buy one. Yes expensive but that is about the price of an I pad, or even your new I phone.

I bought the fly me more package for $1200, it includes the drone, controls, three batteries, a case, and four extra propellers. Worth it, you will need them all. I have already chopped a few tree branches with the propellers and had to replace them.

I also bought the DJI insurance plan for $99, it will replace the Drone 2 times if you break it, no matter what.  But if you lose the drone in a tree or a lake or the ocean you get nothing. So don’t loose your drone. Easy to do.

The Camera is awesome, 4K video, 12 MP photos.

Even if you only use it for selfies it is worth the money.

Check it out.

Mavic Pro folded up

This was the very first time I ever had the Drone follow me. I have had it about 3 weeks, so have a lot to learn. Amazing new photos and perspective you can have on your ride.

It is very easy to bring on your bike. It is not bigger than an SLR camera with an extra lens.

Vicky is the writer and the photographer.

I am just a simple man that likes to ride motorcycles. Did Vicky tell you I’m a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Yep that’s my problem

I love  that girl.