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Friday Vicky and I went for a nice dirt ride at our local OHV area, Prarie City.  Vicky was on her DRZ400SM doing great. After the ride I wanted a hot dog at Costco $1.50 with a drink. Vicky, being wise wanted to wait until later to get a hot dog but I would have none of that. Needed it now. So, we got a hotdog and after that the disaster occurred…

Vicky fell down and her DRZ400SM fell on her right leg. Crunch. Broke her leg, just like that. Wasn’t even moving. Now a broke leg doesn’t sound so bad. But this is a Tibia Plataue fracture that basically broke off her partial knee replacement hardware. This is a mess.

She is going to require three operations

First a external fixater, then a ORIF, basically screws to put the tibia back together. Then months of recovery. Then later a total knee replacement.  Basically it is very unlikely she will be able to ride a motorcycle for 6 months.

Vicky ex fixVicky postop ex fixVicky hospital MSJ


She is crushed.

Please wish her well.

Good time for her to become a computer expert.

Vicky had her second operation last night hopefully will get to go home soon.