The Great Continental Divide Journey

Jon Baker is ready to go!  July 12th Jon is departing Sacramento to meet the team who will begin the 2700 mile journey from the Mexican border to Canada within 13 days. He tested his packed bike today and all is ready. He has new Heidenau K60s, and prays for no flats as these were the hardest tires he has ever installed.  He is packed with extra gas and water, tools, jumper cables, bike pump, cold weather gear, extra tube, zip ties, duct tape, safety wire, chain lube, cooling vest, electronic gear and clothes. Tank bag is stuffed with bug spray, lip balm, sun screen, glasses, goggles, cell phone, go pro…  Maximum fuel range for his KTM 1190 is 210 miles so he has plans to increase his fuel capacity for specific days of the journey.  He is carrying fuel bottles and a fuel bag that can increase his range to a maximum of 300 miles.  Yes folks he is ready!   He is seeking a challenge from the trials, scenic beauty, and isolation with time to listen to the engine and clear his mind.

Wishing him a safe journey and a wonderful time testing his skill on the loaded bike across 2700 miles of dirt, sand, and rocks.

Vicky has convinced me to use soft luggage.  I’ve gone back and forth on this decision. Might as well try it. I bought the bags so I better use them. Give you a nice review of them after I give them a thorough test.

I took the loaded bike out for a hot ride. As you can see temp was quite high. The soft bags are lighter for sure. Not gonna carry a computer or drone on this trip.