Yesterday at about 415 pm I was coming down a gravel a little too fast and meet a pipeline workers truck on a blind turn.  It did no go well for me or my bike
I was hit broad side on my left side. This has fractured left tibia and I have a left wrist fracture.  I am now in extreme pain and basically nonfunctional. 

The turn was wild and I came into it a bit too fast. Both me and the truck meet in the middle of the road. The truck won the battle.

I believe I owe my life to my Aria helmet and Klim badlands pro suit.  No head or neck injury and no chest or abdominal injury

The truck driver was nice enough to give me a ride to the Del Norte hospital where I thought I got good care.

I’m out of the continental divide ride for this year

Vicky my lovely wife is driving out to take me home

The bike 2014 KTM 1190 r adventure is broken. Frame bent radiator broke front wheel bent and a list of injurys.

I’ll be shipping the bike back to Sacramento and see if MPC KTM can repaire it.
Well things change

The bike is broken beyond repair.  Frame is broken. Both forks broken many more things. It is now a parts bike. Sad.

Vicky is driving me back in the truck and we decided to bring the broken bike with us.

We are a site when we get out of the truck both of us on crutches.   I know people are thinking I crashed the bike with her on the back.  Not true.

We need a photo of the two crippled couple.