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August 2017

New 2017 BMW GS adventure replaces KTM 1190 in our fleet.

I totaled my 2014 KTM 1190r with only 35,000 miles on it, but repairs for parts alone added up to over $5000 and then the labor and time. I gave up on it. Yes sad I don’t quit very often. Actually I have a tattoo on my left arm that reads “QINAO” “quitting is not an option”.  I sold the carcass of a great bike for $750.  I only lost about $18,000 on that deal. Really with 35,000 miles on her she was probably only worth $9000. You know we tend to love our motorcycles and think they are worth more than they are.  It’s called Love

So I needed a replacement. Should I buy a new KTM 1090 for $16,000 or replace the KTM of our fleet with a new 2017 BMW GSA for $24,000?  Vicky and I rented a BMW GS in South America and it carried us both very well on the gravel roads of Chile and Argentina. I find it feels like a Land Rover with two wheels.

Yesterday we took the plunge and bought the BMW GS Adventure

I bought a red one to match Vicky’s BMW GS 700

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Leatt Knee Brace Protection for Motorcycling

Today it has been exactly 5 weeks since I collided with a truck in Colorado and really our last blog post on our site. I think it’s about time to start writing and that means start riding motorcycles again.  I am changing how I ride beginning with the addition of more protective gear.  Today I want to tell you about the Leatt Knee Brace Protection for motorcycle riders.

I road my KTM 690 about 100 miles yesterday, all pavement but still fun twisty mountain roads. This is only 4 weeks after fracturing my left radius (wrist) and left tibia/fibula (knee) and tearing most of the ligaments that hold my knee together off the tibia. How could I ride? Two things: 1- the bones are healing nicely, 2- I bought a exoskeleton brace that hold my knee very stable but allows movement needed to ride a motorcycle. Most motocross riders wear a knee brace and if I would have been wearing one I might not have such severe injuries.

So time for a product review.

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