Today it has been exactly 5 weeks since I collided with a truck in Colorado and really our last blog post on our site. I think it’s about time to start writing and that means start riding motorcycles again.  I am changing how I ride beginning with the addition of more protective gear.  Today I want to tell you about the Leatt Knee Brace Protection for motorcycle riders.

I road my KTM 690 about 100 miles yesterday, all pavement but still fun twisty mountain roads. This is only 4 weeks after fracturing my left radius (wrist) and left tibia/fibula (knee) and tearing most of the ligaments that hold my knee together off the tibia. How could I ride? Two things: 1- the bones are healing nicely, 2- I bought a exoskeleton brace that hold my knee very stable but allows movement needed to ride a motorcycle. Most motocross riders wear a knee brace and if I would have been wearing one I might not have such severe injuries.

So time for a product review.

I knew I wound need something to get back on the bike in less than 3 to 6 months. My knee moves all kinds of ways it didn’t before the crash and is extremely painful after one of those non-physiologic movements.

Leatt Knee Brace for Motorcycling
Leatt Motorcycle Knee Protection – Fits inside the boot.
Leatt Motorcycle Knee Protection
Left Leatt Motorcycle Knee Protection
Knee Protection for Motorcyclists
Leatt Knee Brace for Motorcycling Flexion
Leatt Left Knee Protection Extension ATGATT
Leatt Left Knee Protection Extension ATGATT
Sleeve for Leatt Knee Protector

This and likely any good knee brace prevents movements other than hinge movement in the knee. This issue then becomes is it safe and comfortable enough to still have fun riding motorcycles. I can say after yesterday yes on comfortable and safe I will have to wait and tell you with experience. The reviews are good. It is a medical device and theoretically you can get a Rx from your orthopedist that might allow your insurance to pay for them. I was in a hurry so I just bought it. They all cost about the same less than $300 each, not for a pair. This is much less than a custom made brace which will be over a $1000 and then not made for motorcycling.  The brace is side specific.  The brace is structured to leave the inside of the knee open so the rider maintains direct contact with the motorcycle.

So how did the first ride go?

Great. No pain, no pressure points. Fit was great. I wear the Large even though I have skinny legs and basically no real calves. Do they gradually slide down? Not much because they fit into your boots, mine are SIDI Adventures. Do they fit under my Klim pants? I did take out the knee guards as you will not need them with these braces. They will not fit under jeans or any pants tighter then my badlands pro  by Klim, they fit very easily in my Klim Dakar dirt pants. Riding felt good. Natural. I can stand and still steer the bike with my legs. You will feel the brace agains the tank and not your usual flesh, so yes just a little less contact with your machine.

I did not ride dirt on my first ride as I knew my wife, Vicky, would kill me if I was to fall this early after my injury. The key to recovery from this and most severe injuries in not to re-injure the body part before it has full recover and maybe try to never do it again.

My accident in Colorado was preventable. I should have been going slower and staying far right around blink curves. Live and learn. I nearly died and did not get a second chance.  The BDR gives great advice on this fact.


You can buy these braces anywhere. I bought mine from because I had some store credit and they have free shipping and allow free return if it doesn’t fit.

CLICK HERE  to see manufacturer info and pricing at Rocky Mountain ATV

I also just today bought another type of brace. The POD K4. This time a pair. Now you are probably saying what is wrong with this guy, wasting money.  Well, two things. 1. my wife Vicky is going to need knee braces to try to prevent her from re-injuring her right leg and to prevent an injury in the future. 2. I wanted a knee brace I could wear without the patella protection on it for daily use. Yes. I do sometimes do things other than ride a motorcycle. I don’t know why?  As riding a motorcycle is such a joy.


Once we have given a good test of both braces with many more hours and miles I will let you know how they fair up. Is is worth the money and does it make your riding safer.

One thing for sure. Do not run head on in to big red trucks. And if you must wear all the protective equipment you can afford. There’s a good chance you are gonna die.