I totaled my 2014 KTM 1190r with only 35,000 miles on it, but repairs for parts alone added up to over $5000 and then the labor and time. I gave up on it. Yes sad I don’t quit very often. Actually I have a tattoo on my left arm that reads “QINAO” “quitting is not an option”.  I sold the carcass of a great bike for $750.  I only lost about $18,000 on that deal. Really with 35,000 miles on her she was probably only worth $9000. You know we tend to love our motorcycles and think they are worth more than they are.  It’s called Love

So I needed a replacement. Should I buy a new KTM 1090 for $16,000 or replace the KTM of our fleet with a new 2017 BMW GSA for $24,000?  Vicky and I rented a BMW GS in South America and it carried us both very well on the gravel roads of Chile and Argentina. I find it feels like a Land Rover with two wheels.

Yesterday we took the plunge and bought the BMW GS Adventure

I bought a red one to match Vicky’s BMW GS 700

I rode it 50 miles yesterday to clean off the new tires.

Today Vicky is about 3 months out from her injury and she got out for a little ride too. First time on a motorcycle in 3 months. That’s a very big step.

I road about 166 miles today. All pavement for now. Very cautious.

2017 BMW GS 1200 Adventure
Jon Baker with his new 2017 BMW GS 1200 Adventure

Mike, our neighbor even came out on his Buza. Vicky using her good female judgment decided to take a more twisty scenic ride home.

Was good to get back on the bikes.

Vicky and I hope to get back to riding and posting our rides.

And of course there will be the bike build on the new BMW GS Adventure and modifications of Vicky’s DRZ 400SM