Vicky ocean and bike



Last weekend we finally got out on a ride together. First trip on the new BMW GSA, two up and loaded.  The bike worked flawlessly. It carries the two of us very well, I don’t even notice the weight the passenger or panniers. We used a BMW GS on our south America trip last year, so wasn’t too new to either of us. Vicky cannot ride solo yet due to her knee  injury now more than 3 months out. But I can say she is making progress. She worked all last week. Can walk way better than me. Just doesn’t feel safe on her own bike yet. It was hard enough to get her on the back of the big new BMW GSA for this trip. I think I have lost her trust in me for safety after my near fatal crash. I personally know the only reason I crashed was my fault of racing on a mountain road with uncontrolled traffic. Totally my fault, hopefully will not be so stupid again. And I have completely wrecked my left knee for punishment. I can ride however. It will be a bit before I can ride dirt. I have trouble standing and am in a lot of pain all the time. But hey at least I am on the bike. Making progress everyday.

Our little ride last weekend was 450 miles. Saturday road to the coast for some Ocean therapy, always good. Had coffee at our favorite spot in Sausilito, CA then rode over the golden gate bridge. Temperature was cool 60’s with mist and a little fog. Nice compared to over a 100 degrees here in Sacramento, CA. After crossing the golden gate bridge we took the first right onto the scenic coast road, past Baker Beach, China Beach, then past the VA Hospital I use to work at. From there we stayed on the coast road, past the Seal Rock Inn, great hotel with restaurant. I lived there for several years part time while working at the VA. Highly recommend this for a hotel on the coast and still in the city. Runs about $200 a night, requires a reservation, and on weekends they want you to stay two nights. Great parking under the building that is free. All in all cheaper than staying downtown. Quite and Romantic with view of ocean from many of the rooms.


From here it was past the cliff house restaurant and the San Francisco Beach. You can alway find a place to park at this beach because is is almost always cold and windy. From it you stay right on highway 1 to Pacifica. Rockaway beach is just south of Pacifica and we have stayed there at least 3 times, different hotel each time, good food and good view. You can often get a room without a reservation on for $150. No complaints from any of these. Less than 20 miles from San Francisco and much cheaper with a better view.

Our goal for the first night was Monterey or at least close to there. South of Pacifica the coast gets good. From Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz it’s the closest thing to Big Sur Coast scenery you are gonna get. We got a bit tired and started looking for a hotel on We found a nice hotel on the beach in Marina which is just 5 miles north of Monterary. Lovely hotel for about $150 with an extra large hot tub.  Off to dinner for Mexican food and a Margarita.

Vicky coffee monteray

Sunday morning we went for Coffee in a real cup in Monteray and then the lovely coast of Pacific Grove. The coast from Monteray Pacific grove is the closest thing you are going to get to getting the ride 18 mile drive in Pebble Beach which is off limits to motorcycles.

After this is was a bee line for home.

We left the cool coast of northern California and return to the inland 100 degree heat of Sacramento.

The BMW 1200 GSA loves to eat up the miles on just about any road. Much better on the freeway than my KTM 1190r but I am sure will be a bit tougher to handle on rough dirt, sand and mud. That will have to be another ride and another day.

Good to be back not he bike.

Hope to get Vicky on her own bike soon but until then we can ride two up and have some fun. BMW GSA 1200

The next weekend ride will East instead of West over the mountain passes before the snow closes them for the year.  Usually we would have been riding over them all summer, we missed that fun this year due to injuries.

I am thinking Virginia City Nevada a fun old Silver town near Reno.