We have been motorcycling through British Columbia for the last two days.  Today we exit BC hopefully  entering the Yukon to find cleaner air and beautiful scenery.  Our 2 days in BC were cold as the smoke blanket obscured the sun and limited our visibility at times to only 100 yards.  Vicky struggled with breathing when the smoke was at it thickest.  She wore the neck gator up over her nose and that seemed to help a bit.

Canada’s news channels are claiming over 600 wildfires are burning now making this one of the worst summers in history for the BC Provence. People are warned to avoid outside activities and to avoid exertion with deep breathing in the smoky air filled with ash particles.

As we entered Chetwynd yesterday afternoon, the smoke thinned out a bit and we were rewarded with views of tall rounded mountains covered with the tallest evergreen trees ever seen.  The sky turned blue with wispy white clouds and breathing was much easier.  The temperature finally reached the upper 60s and even low 70s.

Our next adventure will be in the Yukon under clear skies with a promising forecast of sunshine and smoke free skies.