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I like to ride motorcycles.

Vicky is broken

Sad Emoji


Friday Vicky and I went for a nice dirt ride at our local OHV area, Prarie City.  Vicky was on her DRZ400SM doing great. After the ride I wanted a hot dog at Costco $1.50 with a drink. Vicky, being wise wanted to wait until later to get a hot dog but I would have none of that. Needed it now. So, we got a hotdog and after that the disaster occurred… Continue reading “Vicky is broken”

Mavic Pro Drone

We wanted to expand our photo and video to show you our rides.

I having been toying with the idea of buying a Drone for about a year now. I was going to buy the Go Pro Karma but due to some technical issues I decided to buy the Mavic Pro by DJI. This is a folding very compact Drone. It has all the technology of DJI’s larger heavier Phantom Drones but is portable.

Now I have absolutely no flying experience and have never flown a drone or remote control aircraft before. In the past when I did buy a remote control aircraft it lasted about 10 minutes then I would console my son that it was fun while it lasted.

The Mavic Pro is completely different… Continue reading “Mavic Pro Drone”

Tire changing

How to change your own tires


Motorcycle tires do not last that long, so if you are going to pay someone to mount those new tires on your bike plan on paying out $100 for mount and balance. I know I use to do to do this and my wife still thinks this is cost effective. I ask her, “are you rich?”, she just says I married money….LOL! Continue reading “Tire changing”

Finally we got out for a Ride

It’s been raining forever here, so was nice to get out with Vicky for a nice ride. All paved but still good. Both of my bikes have new front tires so need to get then rolling. I stopped balancing tires it hasn’t made any difference.

Get out on your bikes and you will be happy.



Safely lifting your motorcycle off the ground is essential for tire changes and other routine maintenance.  Our big bikes have center stands but the smaller bikes don’t. The KTM 690 is too heavy for me to lift on a MX stand.  My solution was to buy this jack… Continue reading “Jack”

San Francisco fun

A day in Santiago Airport

Vicky and I have been hanging out for the entire day at the hotel trying to learn how to use computers and this new WordPress stuff. So watch us learn. I am basically computer illiterate.  Vicky also told me I can not say any cuss words on her site.


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