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Dirt Riding After Tibial Plateau Fracture Grade 6

Another milestone in the healing of a grade 6 Tibial Plateau Fracture — today I did my first off-road ride since breaking my leg 6 months ago.  We chose a favorite place — Yankee Jim Road just north of Sacramento off the I-80. It was a perfect choice for my dirt debut. The sky was overcast but the temperature was warm and all went well. Yankee Jim Road is a fun off-road ride for both the novice and expert dual sport rider plus it is well suited for motorcycles of any size. For gpx file, maps, and more see details on 2ShareOurRide or CLICK HERE.

Mosquito Road Paved Motorcycle Route Placerville

On the road again!  Finally after months of healing, the Bakers are out riding and want to share a short but fun and challenging route with our friends.

Waterfall, Mosquito Road Placerville County, CA

This 93 mile paved loop offers waterfalls, streams, rivers, fall foliage, slow tight turns, twisting curves, narrow bridges, historic gold mining towns, parks, quaint coffee stops and more.  Check it out on our web site   CLICK HERE  for details.

Narrow Mosquito Bridge across American River

Drone enhances Motorcycle Scenes along California Coast — Sea Lions

We love motorcycling California’s coast for many reasons.  The scenic beauty is among the best in the world and the ride is thrilling with endless hills and curves.  Wildlife such as sea gulls, whales, dolphins, and shark often appear, bringing astonishment and joy to the motorcycle ride.

To expand our view and capture the thrills of our discoveries Jon purchased a drone and frequently practices his flying skills.  Last weekend we drove along Pacific Coast Highway south of Fort Bragg.  We stopped frequently and took out the drone. Jon flew the drone along the shore to examine coves, driftwood huts, and the debris along the ocean shoreline.

We were surprised by a glimpse of sea lions resting along the shore.  At first glance I thought I saw a large pile of driftwood washed up on the beach.  As the drone approached the large pile of driftwood, the wood began to move.  When the drone lost altitude and got closer to the shore, we discovered it was not driftwood at all!  I was amazed at the variety of their color and skin patterns. It was a quick look because as soon as we realized what was on the shore, we quickly flew the drone away from the colony to avoid disturbing their peace.

Take a look and enjoy!

Sea Lion Colony. posted by Jon Baker on YouTube

Motorcycle the Great Continental Divide

Jon Baker departed this morning with much excitement as he begins his three week motorcycle adventure of the Great Continental Divide (GCD).

KTM 1190 outfitted with Soft Luggage for Continental Divide
KTM 1190 packed light with soft luggage

Jon is riding with GPSKevin Adventures for 13 days, 2700 miles of dirt from Mexico to Canada.  Today Jon left his home in Fair Oaks, CA.  He will be joined by part of the team as they head for California’s beautiful mountain passes before turning south.  Jon plans to complete 400 miles today stopping near San Bernardino to visit his old pal James Ball this evening. Tomorrow he heads on to New Mexico toward the start point for the GCD journey.  Jon is on his KTM 1190 looking to increase his skills for maneuvering this large beast on rough terrain along this 2700 mile dirt journey. He is packed with soft luggage and minimal gear to keep light and nimble for the most difficult parts of the off-road trails.

GPS Kevin Adventures Continental Divide Sacramento Team
Sacramento Team for Great Continental Divide

Stay tuned as we share photos, video, and stories from his daily adventure.

Continental Divide—> Ready to Ride

The Great Continental Divide Journey

Jon Baker is ready to go!  July 12th Jon is departing Sacramento to meet the team who will begin the 2700 mile journey from the Mexican border to Canada within 13 days. He tested his packed bike today and all is ready. He has new Heidenau K60s, and prays for no flats as these were the hardest tires he has ever installed.  He is packed with extra gas and water, tools, jumper cables, bike pump, cold weather gear, extra tube, zip ties, duct tape, safety wire, chain lube, cooling vest, electronic gear and clothes. Tank bag is stuffed with bug spray, lip balm, sun screen, glasses, goggles, cell phone, go pro…  Maximum fuel range for his KTM 1190 is 210 miles so he has plans to increase his fuel capacity for specific days of the journey.  He is carrying fuel bottles and a fuel bag that can increase his range to a maximum of 300 miles.  Yes folks he is ready!   He is seeking a challenge from the trials, scenic beauty, and isolation with time to listen to the engine and clear his mind. Continue reading “Continental Divide—> Ready to Ride”

Quick Tips for Better Biking Photography (Guest Contributor) — Badventuring

Thorsten Henn from gives me some advice on snapping adventure bikes.

via CLICK HERE to see Quick Tips for Better Biking Photography (Guest Contributor) — Badventuring

Italian Road to Alleghany New Update

The Italian Road to Alleghany is a fantastic dual sport ride just north of Sacramento.  The complete route is now open and we have updated our website with a current GPX file and Google Map, free to you for download.  Go enjoy yourself, and have a burger at Casey’s! If you have time, check back and tell us what you think of the ride.

CLICK HERE  to see complete details on

Scroll down to make a comment.

First Usal Road Challenge 2017

Seven hundred miles in two days makes for a long weekend of fabulous motorcycling.  As always with Jon Baker, searching for dirt roads and out of the way places is an adventure. We found rolling pastures colorful with spring flora, historic towns, grand hotels, giant redwoods, the Lost Coast and newly opened Usal Road.

Usal Road, Butler Map

South of Shelter Cove along California’s Northern coast lies Mendocino County Route 431, the famous Usal Road. Approaching Usal Road in mid-afternoon and finding the gate unlocked I was eager to ride this challenging road that I had read about and waited all winter to see. Continue reading “First Usal Road Challenge 2017”

Buck Meadows Yosemite Dual Sport Event

Last Saturday we attended a BMW National Adventure Riding Series Event hosted by Family Off Road Adventures.  This ride is held twice a year and offers 150 riders the chance to explore some little-known trails around Yosemite. This year’s ride was cut short because of weather related trail closures so Jon and I added some pavement to give us a total ride of nearly 100 miles.  Details of our route including gpx files, google map, and photos are posted on

Click Image for details:

Buck Meadows Loop

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