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BMW GS 700 Farkles

2015 BMW GS 700 (lowered) for sale $5000.

She’s given me 38K happy miles but it is time to say goodbye.  For $5000 cash you can take this fine bike home to your garage.  This is a 2015 BMW GS 700, factory lowered model with many fine upgrades that make it a fantastic bike for rugged terrain or highway cruising.  Some of the features off road enthusiasts will enjoy include: Magura hydraulic clutch, Puig crash bars, Altrider heavy duty skid plate, TKC 80s, radiator guard, headlight guard, Touratech hand guards, Touratech folding brake pedal, and center stand.  Your highway cruising will be more comfortable with the Alaska leather sheepskin seat cover, Touratech GS 700 customized wind shield, and the foundation for luggage is included with Touratech luggage racks and Altrider tail bag rack.

I rode it hard so I am saying it is in good condition because there are some scratches on the crash bars and the paint is worn on the frame by my knees.  The engine is in excellent condition and thousands of dollars have been spent on regular maintenance with oil changes, sprocket and chain changes, steering bearings, etc.  This bike will give you plenty of worry free fantastic miles.

Why am I selling?  I am looking for a different ride with a better range in suspension and a little more power from the engine.  My new 2018 BMW GS 1200 Rallye is on its way and should be here before the second week in May.

This GS 700 has to go before I can bring the 1200 home.  Buy it now from me direct and save.  Otherwise, you can buy it later from the dealer and likely pay more.

My Latest Farkle for the BMW GS 700: Sheepskin Buttpad

It has been a tough go getting back to long rides since my Tibial Plateau Fracture a few months ago.  I have a problem that is new to me in long distance riding.  I can’t find the right spot in the saddle, my butt hurts and pressure builds over my lower back.  Searching for solutions I came across “Alaska Leather, Home of the Sheepskin Buttpad!”   I purchased the Sheared Buttpad, with a special cut to fit the BMW GS 700.  It not only feels great; it looks great too.  Tomorrow Jon and I head out for two weeks of riding from Sacramento to Cabo San Lucas and back.  We want to cover as much of Baja as possible so there will be some long days in the saddle.  I hope my new farkle is indeed the solution!   Browse my photos, and check out Alaska Leather for yourself at or, on facebook at

Check out my photos of this new farkle.

Sheepskin Seat Cover cut for GS 700
BMW GS 700 Sheepskin Seat Cover
Sheer Black Sheepskin Seat Cover
OK, so these ducks WOULD NOT get out of my picture!

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