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Cold Weather Riding

Coffee in Sausalito on Sunday

img_7099Join us for a motorcycle ride to Sausalito. Enjoy a brisk ride on Sunday, February 26, from Sacramento departing at 9AM  to Sausalito where we stop for coffee and warm up.  Then bundle up and get ready for a BEAUTIFUL ride to Golden Gate Bridge and loop around Bunker road for breathtaking views and back to Sacramento before dusk.

Contact US at for details.


Motorcycling in very cold weather — No Problem if you own this:

Cold Weather Motorcycling
Cold Weather Motorcycling

Motorcycling in freezing weather with snow and wind but still toasty and warm can happen if you own the right gear.  This is how I do it, and it works. To check out part of my methods Click Here

Staying Warm

Love my HippoHands. Can ride below 30 degrees in comfort. Check out my HippoHands on this page.

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