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Motorcycle Baja Mexico

Why and How to Motorcycle Baja

It’s the time of year motorcyclists think of heading south.  We love riding our motorcycles to Baja and just keep going back every year. This year we did 2700 miles to Criss Cross Baja by Motorcycle.

Friends ask what makes motorcycling Baja so special why do you keep going back ?  The answer is not just one thing but many things that work together and add up to absolutely spectacular vacations.

This post is about why we love it, why you should go, and tips for helping you make your own trip to Baja a reality for 2019.

Reasons we love motorcycling Baja:

Every ride to Baja is an adventure.  We visit places we have never been and the pull of the unknown urges us forward each morning.  Sometimes we ride big bikes and sometimes smaller dual sport bikes, so each ride takes on a specific style. This contributes to variety so the trip never gets old.  It’s different every time.

We rarely make reservations and are never sure where we will lay our head at the end of the day.  It could be in the sand, a plush Cabo resort, or a fine hotel that just emerges in the middle of no-where. Each day starts with a sense of adventure and ends the same.

Baja offers spectacular and diverse scenery.  Oceans, rivers, deserts, mountains, all await you.  This makes for some beautiful scenery as well as incredible motorcycle riding.

The Mexican people are awesome.  Their lives are rich with human stories they are open and willing to share. The people are warm and friendly and we appreciate the casual and simple way they seem to go about life. We love their music and their culture.  The matriarchal society celebrates women and family in openness that is heart warming to see.

Mexican Cusine is unique and flavorful.  The best food in the world can be had for a buck or two at a roadside shed.  Or, you can go all out with multiple courses, table cloths and place settings for 20 bucks. And the drinks — WOW; Mexico has the best tequila and margaritas in the world.  The beer is fantastic too.

Great riding, beautiful scenery, wonderful people, delicious food and drinks are the building blocks you need to make an exciting and memorable vacation.

How to Make your own motorcycle trip to Baja 2019

Our goal at 2ShareOurRide is to encourage others to get on their bikes and GO!  Please check out our pages on riding in Baja for helpful hints, free gpx downloads, google maps, photos and tips on creating your own fun adventures south of the border.

For 2700 mile trip Criss Cross Baja north to South on Big Bikes CLICK HERE.

For a shorter off-road adventure to Mike’s Sky Ranch and more about off-road riding in Baja CLICK HERE.

We are happy to help.  If you have questions, send us an email from our contact page.

Jon & VickyJo Baker, ALWAYS READY TO RIDE!

Motorcycle Ride Mexico Hwy 1 South of El Rosario Baja 2018

Yesterday we rode Mexico Hwy 1 south from El Rosario to Guerrero Negro.  This trip took all day and carried us from Baja California Norte  into Baja California Sur.  Ordinarily a full day of highway riding would put us down the road at least 500 miles.  Not so today. Although our only stops were for gasoline, water, or a roadside just gotta have relief!, we only made 214 miles this day.

BMW’s off Mexico Hwy 1 near Catavina, Baja California


As highway rides go, this is the toughest I have ever done. The route included ascents and descents, tight curves, and long straight stretches with dips that give poor visibility for passing.  The road is shared with many truckers who creep up the hills in front of you.  The left blinker signal from a trucker means it’s ok to pass, NOT — I am turning left.  The only reason you know this is true,  there is no where to turn on the left!

The wind, OMG–the wind!  On the straight stretches the wind was unrelenting.  Most of the time it was a strong cross wind forcing  the motorcycle to lean 30 degrees from the pavement into the wind.  It was difficult to travel forward and hold my head up.  I soon developed a painful crick in the neck and had to take at least two pee breaks AND rest my neck.

Roadside Toilets, Catavina Pitt Stop, Baja Motorcycle Riding

The next challenge (besides not getting wet with flying pee), was dodging the pot holes with a leaning motorcycle.  They were numerous and rim breaking DEEP.

Watch out when passing a slow truck too!  The truck blocks the wind and WHOA, you are upright again.  But the bike perpendicular to the pavement only lasts a second and WHAM–you are blasted back down again by the wind!

Treacherous and tedious it was!  But we made it safely to Guerrero Negro by late afternoon.  Dog tired, we checked in and went almost directly to dinner at a fine restaurant attached to our very clean and comfortable hotel.  Margaritas, beer, and fresh fish ended the day. For a great place to stay complete with Fine Dining, Bar, Hotel, and Whale Watching Tours visit Hotel Malarrimo 

Dining at Malarrimo Restauraunt & Resort, Guerrero Negro, BC Mexico
Drone captures salt mining in Guerrero Negro, BC, Mexico


Mallarrimo Eco Tours, Whale Watching Guerrero Negro, BC, Mexico
Vicky Whale Watching

Monday plan is rest, whale watching, laundry, dining, and packing for Tuesday’s early ride out.


Ready, set, GO! Baja riding for 2017.

Baja California Mexico is indeed one of the BEST dual-sport or adventure motorcycle playgrounds in the world. If you love motorcycle adventure like we do, and especially if you live in California, we encourage you– just do it!  We have published all the info you need to plan your next trip. On our website you will find helpful hints, gpx files, google maps, and links to resources we used to make our trips FANTASTIC. The latest page added to our website is not a detail of our adventure; the point is to give you what you need to make your own adventure. To check it out CLICK HERE or visit under Trips in the menu bar.

2017 Baja Moto Adventure Mike’s Sky Ranch

Just returned from a fantastic 5 day adventure to Mike’s Sky Ranch in Baja California Mexico.  Some challenging sand riding but everything went well.  Complete notes with directions, maps, video to be published soon.  To see the Photo gallery CLICK HERE .

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