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Motorcycle perils and hazzards

Truck-Motorcycle Collide on Continental Divide Day 4


Continental Divide Curvy Road
Continental Divide Curvy Road


This ended up being a more exciting day than I had planned. I hit a large truck on a gravel road blind turn at high speed.  Much of the Continental Divide Route is desolate with miles and miles of gravel roads.  But, on this one blind curve, there it was right in my path, moving toward me at 40 mph. No time to react.  I collided broadside of my motorcycle on the left,  hit the truck bumper and I went down.

I spent some time in the ER with a fracture of the left tibia and a left wrist fracture.  Because this time I was wearing all the gear I survived.  Klim Badlands Pro and Arai X-D4 — worth every penny.

This signaled the end of the ride for Jon Baker.  Vicky drove to El Norte CO to pick up Jon from the Windsor Hotel.  The motorcycle was taken by support truck to Gunnison Motorsports for evaluation.  What a great shop!!  These guys are awesome.

Gunnison Motorsports
Gunnison Motorsports

They determined the KTM 1190 is a total loss and cannot be repaired.  The frame and both forks were broken. The radiator was fractured.  Gunnison unpacked Vicky’s truck, loaded the KTM for us, and then re-packed the truck. Our truck bed required some modification to hook up the tie downs.  These guys just took care of it for us, fixing our truck bed.  All we can say is WOW!.  If you need help in Colorado go see Gunnison Motorsports.


We set out for the journey home.  Two on crutches, helping each other.  Both very sad to not be riding.  On the way home the highways were full of them!  It seemed like thousands of adventure riders out in this beautiful country.  We can’t wait to heal up and hit the road again.

Aspen lined trails, Continental Divide

But before the collision, the ride was awesome. Please watch the attached video clip to see some of the scenery and guys on motorcycles having fun–right up to the crash.  Of course the GoPro was turned off at the time of the crash.

Guys Havin’ Fun Continental Divide Day 4

Click Here for Youtube Video Day 4 Continental Divide


Some impassable mud on the route in northern New Mexico but nothing that a little scenic asphalt can not cure.

Got a Rocky Mountain high at 12,000!feet elevation.


Movie was made on my iPhone so not my best work.



Trapped under heavy motorcycle, now what?

Trapped under bike on a downhill fall, how do I push the heavy bike uphill and free myself?  I once read an account of a man who nearly died in his own driveway after 8 days of being trapped in a similar fall.  CLICK HERE for details on his situation.  Ideas anyone?  I saw an advertisement about a Dustriders’ jack designed for this purpose. CLICK HERE to see video demo on how to use the jack and pricing details.  It is expensive but a small price to pay if it works.  Has anyone had experience with this product or similar ones?  Please share your thoughts.

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