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Motorcycle the Continental Divide

Truck-Motorcycle Collide on Continental Divide Day 4


Continental Divide Curvy Road
Continental Divide Curvy Road


This ended up being a more exciting day than I had planned. I hit a large truck on a gravel road blind turn at high speed.  Much of the Continental Divide Route is desolate with miles and miles of gravel roads.  But, on this one blind curve, there it was right in my path, moving toward me at 40 mph. No time to react.  I collided broadside of my motorcycle on the left,  hit the truck bumper and I went down.

I spent some time in the ER with a fracture of the left tibia and a left wrist fracture.  Because this time I was wearing all the gear I survived.  Klim Badlands Pro and Arai X-D4 — worth every penny.

This signaled the end of the ride for Jon Baker.  Vicky drove to El Norte CO to pick up Jon from the Windsor Hotel.  The motorcycle was taken by support truck to Gunnison Motorsports for evaluation.  What a great shop!!  These guys are awesome.

Gunnison Motorsports
Gunnison Motorsports

They determined the KTM 1190 is a total loss and cannot be repaired.  The frame and both forks were broken. The radiator was fractured.  Gunnison unpacked Vicky’s truck, loaded the KTM for us, and then re-packed the truck. Our truck bed required some modification to hook up the tie downs.  These guys just took care of it for us, fixing our truck bed.  All we can say is WOW!.  If you need help in Colorado go see Gunnison Motorsports.


We set out for the journey home.  Two on crutches, helping each other.  Both very sad to not be riding.  On the way home the highways were full of them!  It seemed like thousands of adventure riders out in this beautiful country.  We can’t wait to heal up and hit the road again.

Aspen lined trails, Continental Divide

But before the collision, the ride was awesome. Please watch the attached video clip to see some of the scenery and guys on motorcycles having fun–right up to the crash.  Of course the GoPro was turned off at the time of the crash.

Guys Havin’ Fun Continental Divide Day 4

Click Here for Youtube Video Day 4 Continental Divide


Some impassable mud on the route in northern New Mexico but nothing that a little scenic asphalt can not cure.

Got a Rocky Mountain high at 12,000!feet elevation.


Movie was made on my iPhone so not my best work.



Problem Solving yields safe riding on the Continental Divide Day 3

Continental Divide day 3 began with problem solving for Randy.  He discovered a nail in his rear tire on his Suzuki 650 V Strom. Luckily for him and all of us, he has tubeless tires. He was able to fix it easily with a plug. The tire held up fine for the 195 miles of very rough terrain today.

Nail Discovered








After a breakfast burrito and coffee we were off out of Grants New Mexico. We rode about 18 miles of pavement before hitting the wet mountain roads.

Steve checks the mud.

Thundershowers can change these roads within minutes from fun to impossible. Continue reading “Problem Solving yields safe riding on the Continental Divide Day 3”

Day 2 Motorcycling Continental Divide

It was as a very long hard day, 263 miles of dirt, sand, rocks, and mud.  Thunderstorms and rain showers mixed with dirt to give the greatest challenge of the day —- slippery mud.

Randy on a 650 v strom picked up so much mud his front wheel wouldn’t turn. With Steve’s help we cleaned out the fender then put a bungee cord around his front tire to clean out the mud with each turn.  Fantastic problem solving Steve! It worked!!

V Strom Wheel Locked With Mud
V Strom Wheel Locked With Mud

The water crossing was crazy deep.  Take a look, can’t see the bottom.  Most of us tried to go around it.  And yes, almost all of us took a mud bath. Sorry, no photos of the mud bath!

Motorcycle Water Crossing GCD, NM
Water Crossing Continental Divide Trail New Mexico

New Mexico is vastly empty yet very scenic. The air is clean and when it’s not raining, the sky is deep blue.

Motorcycle Scenes -- Church --Continental Divide, New Mexico
Motorcycle Scenes — Church –Continental Divide, New Mexico

Tonight we stay in Grant New Mexico in a cheap hotel on the historic Route 66.

Motorcycle Route 66, Grant, New Mexico
Motorcycle Route 66, Grant, New Mexico

All riders made it to Grants safe and sound.  Stay tuned for day 3….

Motorcycle the Great Continental Divide

Jon Baker departed this morning with much excitement as he begins his three week motorcycle adventure of the Great Continental Divide (GCD).

KTM 1190 outfitted with Soft Luggage for Continental Divide
KTM 1190 packed light with soft luggage

Jon is riding with GPSKevin Adventures for 13 days, 2700 miles of dirt from Mexico to Canada.  Today Jon left his home in Fair Oaks, CA.  He will be joined by part of the team as they head for California’s beautiful mountain passes before turning south.  Jon plans to complete 400 miles today stopping near San Bernardino to visit his old pal James Ball this evening. Tomorrow he heads on to New Mexico toward the start point for the GCD journey.  Jon is on his KTM 1190 looking to increase his skills for maneuvering this large beast on rough terrain along this 2700 mile dirt journey. He is packed with soft luggage and minimal gear to keep light and nimble for the most difficult parts of the off-road trails.

GPS Kevin Adventures Continental Divide Sacramento Team
Sacramento Team for Great Continental Divide

Stay tuned as we share photos, video, and stories from his daily adventure.

Continental Divide—> Ready to Ride

The Great Continental Divide Journey

Jon Baker is ready to go!  July 12th Jon is departing Sacramento to meet the team who will begin the 2700 mile journey from the Mexican border to Canada within 13 days. He tested his packed bike today and all is ready. He has new Heidenau K60s, and prays for no flats as these were the hardest tires he has ever installed.  He is packed with extra gas and water, tools, jumper cables, bike pump, cold weather gear, extra tube, zip ties, duct tape, safety wire, chain lube, cooling vest, electronic gear and clothes. Tank bag is stuffed with bug spray, lip balm, sun screen, glasses, goggles, cell phone, go pro…  Maximum fuel range for his KTM 1190 is 210 miles so he has plans to increase his fuel capacity for specific days of the journey.  He is carrying fuel bottles and a fuel bag that can increase his range to a maximum of 300 miles.  Yes folks he is ready!   He is seeking a challenge from the trials, scenic beauty, and isolation with time to listen to the engine and clear his mind. Continue reading “Continental Divide—> Ready to Ride”

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