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Motorcycling California Coast

Drone enhances Motorcycle Scenes along California Coast — Sea Lions

We love motorcycling California’s coast for many reasons.  The scenic beauty is among the best in the world and the ride is thrilling with endless hills and curves.  Wildlife such as sea gulls, whales, dolphins, and shark often appear, bringing astonishment and joy to the motorcycle ride.

To expand our view and capture the thrills of our discoveries Jon purchased a drone and frequently practices his flying skills.  Last weekend we drove along Pacific Coast Highway south of Fort Bragg.  We stopped frequently and took out the drone. Jon flew the drone along the shore to examine coves, driftwood huts, and the debris along the ocean shoreline.

We were surprised by a glimpse of sea lions resting along the shore.  At first glance I thought I saw a large pile of driftwood washed up on the beach.  As the drone approached the large pile of driftwood, the wood began to move.  When the drone lost altitude and got closer to the shore, we discovered it was not driftwood at all!  I was amazed at the variety of their color and skin patterns. It was a quick look because as soon as we realized what was on the shore, we quickly flew the drone away from the colony to avoid disturbing their peace.

Take a look and enjoy!

Sea Lion Colony. posted by Jon Baker on YouTube

img_5778winter-coast-rideWeekend of wonderful detours.  Riding away from the rain led us to the Coast.  Within a few miles of our destination at the end of the day, Hwy 1 south of Big Sur was closed.  So we got to do Big Sur twice in one day — south and then back north again.  Our trip was detoured so we headed inland and discovered exhilarating, curvy roads with roller coaster dips leading into Pinnacles National Park.  For details and photos click here California Coastal Riding in Winter

With desert roads closed and rain expected for the weekend, we have had to change the ride schedule. Now going south along the coast. That’s ok, it is a favorite that will include Big Sur.

Sunshine, blue sky, clear in San Francisco, beautiful day to ride with my love Jon Baker. 

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