Cyndy’s Coulterville Loop (CC’s Loop)  is an incredible 244 mile ride beginning and ending at Denny’s off Sunrise Blvd and the 50 in Gold River/Rancho Cordova, CA.  It is all asphalt so any motorcycle can do this route. The ride heads Southeast down Sunrise and started out with crisp, clear skies and a brisk 38 degrees on this April Spring day.  Right from the beginning the landscape was a photographer’s playground.  Green hillsides rolled toward the mountains in full

view with their snow capped peaks.  It was a gorgeous day with a near 360 degree view of the Sacramento area.

We rolled along through green hillsides, ranches and farms for about an hour when we stopped in Spring Valley for coffee and met up with Cyndy, a GS adventure rider with a way out farkled mean 800. We met our match in this lady who like us is ALWAYS, ready to ride

She agreed to show us her favorite local riding and the best part of this ride began to unfold.


We followed along, certainly off the beaten path under bridges, over bridges, crossing lakes and rivers and reservoirs.  The roads were narrow, winding, and sometimes single lanes.  We passed through tree tunnels and meandered along creeks.  We reached an altitude of more than 3000 feet and then the fun really began as we quickly descended along a cliff hugging, curvy, single lane road that hosted bi-directional traffic.  Descending into the valley we passed a gorgeous waterfall gushing with spring flow.  We  paused on a painted bridge to
take it all in.  Then back on our motorcycles we climbed out of the valley on the winding road and headed off to the ranches.  At first I thought Cyndy must be taking us for a ranch house visit as it surely seemed we were headed along someone’s private driveway.  But the road curved between the fields and we stopped to look at an old one room school house sitting on the hillside above the flooded reservoir.  It was a beautiful, peaceful site.  The roadway was fun and invited you to stand on your pegs to save your backside from the jolts of numerous but shallow potholes.  Jon said this was one road that was more patch than road.  Cyndy called it an old goat road.  I guess that means trail used by farmers and ranchers?  We saw no other traffic on the goat road and soon we were on our way back to Spring Valley and parted ways with our local ride leader.  She took us on a ride that only a local can do.  It is now recorded in my memory and on this website as a favorite ride.  Thank you Cyndy!


Adventure motorcycling, this is what makes it great:  new places, new faces.   New friendships and great memories happen as adventurers come together and share their rides.




Click Here for GPX File to CC’s Loop using Chrome, Fire Fox or IE browsers. If you are using a Safari browser, you can still use the link to access the download. But, you must remember to remove the .txt file extension added by Safari to your download. Go to Finder < Downloads. Locate the file and rename it so that your saved download ends in .gpx instead of .txt.

Click here for Google Map to CC’s Loop.

If you use Base Camp you can view the GPX file in Google Earth for more specific information.