It seems to me that every ride is a favorite ride; I love ’em all!  A ride is someplace we can go to from home near Sacramento and return home the same day.  A ride is different from a trip in that a ride does not require overnight camping or lodging. We post information about  on Trips under the Trips tab in the menu bar on our Home page.  We have a long list of favorite rides and hope 2ShareOurRide with you by giving you everything you need to just go.  We will be adding much more to this list in the coming months.  If you have questions just send us an email.  A list of the rides and links to each ride is on this page.  Or, you can click on the tabs under Favorite Rides in the Menu Bar from the Home Page.

Buck Meadows Loop
CC’s Loop







Feather River Ride NorCal Butler 33







Latrobe Road







Leesville NorCal Butler 17








Yankee Jim Road/Shirt Tail Canyon ride










Valley on Mormon Trail Ride







Italian Road Ride







Iowa Hills Road







Mount Diablo Ride







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