This dirt road is easy, fun and full of beautiful scenery including waterfalls, creeks, rivers, bridges and hillsides.  It goes from Colfax to Foresthill, about 14 miles. Take the West Paoli Lane exit off I-80 north of Sacramento and turn right.  There is a gas station and a store within a few yards of the freeway.  For detailed directions see the map link below.

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CLICK HERE to download a GPX file for this ride using Chrome, Fire Fox or IE browsers. If you are using a Safari browser, you can still use the link to access the download. But, you must remember to remove the .txt file extension added by Safari to your download. Go to Finder < Downloads. Locate the file and rename it so that your saved download ends in .gpx instead of .txt  The ride is to and from Citrus Heights Area.

CLICK HERE to open a google map of this ride.  Start and Stop points are in Citrus Heights Area

CLICK HERE to see Springtime waterfall on Yankee Jim Road.

CLICK HERE  to see a one minute google video clip of this ride.  If the play arrow doesn’t load quickly just click the photo and the video starts. Google’s video quality isn’t top notch, but you will get a good feel for the road type and the deep canyons you will see on this ride.

To see short youtube video of shady section in Fall click the arrow for Turkeys on the Road below.