Last year we rode over 8000 miles in the spring for a 3 week trip.  Included in that trip was a whirlwind tour of Moab.  In early May we entered Moab under clouds and a light snow on the afternoon of arrival. But by morning the weather improved and blue skies with fluffy clouds made a nice backdrop for some great photo opps. The highlight was the famous White Rim Trail.   Vicky left her panniers in the hotel to make the load easier.  But, we couldn’t do anything about the tires and did the trail with these street tires on the bike.  A couple of sections were really a challenge for Vicky .  And because she likes to stop for photos plus her slower pace, the threat of darkness on the trail was real.  Jon did have to frequently remind her that she really did not want to be out there after dark!

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We stayed at The Adventure Inn on the edge of town in a nice, clean motel for about $90 a night.  It was not a fancy place but perfect for parking our bikes in front of our room and it had everything we needed.  It was on the Main Street and only a short walk to shops, restaurants and bars.  Rates vary depending on the season.  For specific pricing and availability check the website by CLICKING HERE.

Certainly there is much more to Moab than the White Rim Trail.  It is the kind of place you need to stay a few days to really enjoy motorcycling awesome and incredible trails. Moab is one of the most beautiful places in the world and guaranteed to take your breath away with its splendor.