Iowa Hills Road has been called the narrowest, curviest and steepest of paved roads in the Sierra foothills by travel journalist.  It makes for a GREAT day ride for motorcycle enthusiasts from the Sacramento area.  A round trip loop from the Citrus Heights area is roughly 100 miles of smooth asphalt that any type of motorcycle can easily navigate.  After leaving the freeway for this ride, the road progressively becomes more and more curvy and narrow.  For many sections of the road there is no shoulder and the edges can be cluttered with pine straw and sometimes gravel. At anytime on-coming traffic can appear in the curves and sometimes drivers don’t always hug their own side of the road so travel with caution and always stay on your own side of the road in the curves.  Many of the prettiest sights along this route don’t provide safe turnouts for stopping to take photos so take your GoPro for those and keep on moving—BE SAFE. The Iowa Hills General Store and Restaurant is a great stop for food or cold drink but is not open on Mondays. The Mineral Bar Campground is located in the middle section of this ride.  There are bathrooms, campground, and picnic tables located here.  These are all close to the highway along the American River and parking is free. Iowa Hills is a town with a unique history seated in the gold rush of the late 1800s.  There are historical markers located in the town and make for good photo opportunities.  For information on the history of this little town check out a brief story on CalEXPLORnia Blog by CLICKING HERE.

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