This is probably my favorite of the favorites for a day in the dirt. It entails a full day of riding stuffed with incredible views of canyons, rivers, bridges, and forest. In addition to specular views, the route is a challenging, intermediate level dual sport ride that is not for the beginner. Sections are steep, rocky, rutted, and on the edge of deep canyons. We have done the ride on both heavier adventure bikes and lighter weight dual sport bikes. The road is subject to weather closures and is not regularly maintained in winter months. We are sharing the GPX tracks and Google Map of our actual ride that is roughly 180 miles round trip from Roseville at the intersection of Sunrise Blvd and I-80.  Eighty miles of the route is dirt and the ride will take 6-8 hours to complete.  The peak elevation is 5400 feet.

This ride is often referred to as the Italian Road because it was constructed by Italian Masons in 1913 as an access to the rich gold mining town of Alleghany.  There is a functioning gold mine in Alleghany, along with a museum, and a delightful Bar/Restauraunt called Casey’s where you must stop for a drink and maybe a delicious burger. Contact info for Casey’s Place is 234 Main St, Alleghany CA  ph: 530-287-9809.  Besides Casey’s Place and the museum, there is little else to this town.

The official name of this road is Tyler-Foote Crossing and if you try locating it on any map you won’t find it looking for the Italian Road.  Jon mapped out this ride for us using a jeep guidebook written by Charles A. Wells.

Guide to CA Backroads…

Wells provides a turn by turn description of some of our ride, a mapped diagram, as well as some historical facts on the town of Alleghany.  We use the book a lot in planning our adventures and it is available on Amazon.






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CLICK HERE    to download a GPX file of this ride using Chrome, Fire Fox or IE browsers. If you are using a Safari browser, you can still use the link to access the download. But, you must remember to remove the .txt file extension added by Safari to your download. Go to Finder < Downloads. Locate the file and rename it so that your saved download ends in .gpx instead of .txt.