Need to practice your water crossings?  This ride is waiting for you!  We call this the Latrobe Road or sometimes the Red Dirt Road Ride.  It is short but full of fun, especially in Spring when the water is high.  It is an easy access from home and sometimes we do this after a full 10 hour workday and just watch the sunset over Sacramento. Some sections of the dirt traverse hills high enough to give you a 360 view that includes downtown Sacramento to the twin silos of the idle nuclear power plant.   Be careful venturing off the main part of the dirt road to hit the fun roadside trails and jumps.  They look inviting but these can be  loaded with debris that may include nails and you could end up with a flat, speaking from experience 🙁  It’s a great ride to practice your off-road skills and includes water crossings, rocks, pot holes, ruts, and even a little silty fine dirt when the weather is dry.  When it’s not dry you can get some mud in your tires and feel the slick road push your back tire sideways.  All these challenges are slight and just enough to practice or learn new skills.  After the ride, we head over to Islands in Folsom and enjoy a burger. We included a map that has optional routes you can choose depending on your time frame.  For exact location, see the link below:

CLICK HERE for a google map of this ride.

CLICK HERE to download a GPX file of this ride using Chrome, Fire Fox or IE browsers. If you are using a Safari browser, you can still use the link to access the download. But, you must remember to remove the .txt file extension added by Safari to your download. Go to Finder < Downloads. Locate the file and rename it so that your saved download ends in .gpx instead of .txt.CLICK HERE for a 10 second iMovie showing typical water crossing on Latrobe Spring 2017.

CLICK HERE  to enjoy a short YouTube virtual ride on the Latrobe Dirt Road.

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Now is the time to go, spring water level is just right across these trails.  Need to read up a little and be inspired by the pros?  Check out these links for tips on how to make it safely to the other side:

Pat Jaques Women ADV Riders

Jonathan Pearson of Brake Magazine

Rob Dabney at

Now get on out there and have fun before the spring water disappears!