Butler Motorcycle Map Northern California 15. Leesville Ride

It was another cloudy, drizzly, Spring day in Northern California.  Nonetheless we found a fabulous ride to lighten our spirits and bring the joy of motorcycling to our day.  We decided on a short ride, just in case the weather became intolerable. 

Jon selected Number 15 from the Butler Northern California Map and we set out to discover why the guys at Butler gave these roads a special box and grade. Buttler.com CLICK HERE

We set out for our usual breakfast at Denny’s in Gold River on the corner of Sunrise and Zinfandel, the approximate starting and ending point on the GPX file.   The total trip measured a little over 200 miles round trip from Denny’s, with a total moving time of 4:32.

Butler Box 15 starts about 70 miles from our starting point in Gold River.  The landscape  changed from suburban to rural quickly after leaving I-5. It became breathtaking as we approached Leesville road and started the section Butler graded “PMT”.   The road was true to Butler’s grading except that it had considerable sections, possibly near 45%, unpaved.  The unpaved sections were graded with some loose gravel and a few areas of soft mud and ruts.  Mostly the road was very well maintained, seemingly well used by ranchers travelling with trucks and livestock trailers. CLICK HERE to see a short youtube video showing terrain and road conditions  for today’s ride.

We were lucky to do this ride on a spring day.  The creeks were full of running water and spring flowers were in full bloom.   The overall scene was a colorful canvas of green rolling hills lined with trees and dotted with colorful blooms.

CLICK HERE to download a GPX file of this ride using Chrome, Fire Fox or IE browsers.  If you are using a Safari browser, you can still use the link to access the download.  But, you must remember to remove the .txt file extension added by Safari to your download.  Go to Finder < Downloads.  Locate the file and rename it so that your saved download ends in .gpx instead of .txt.

CLICK HERE to see a google map of this ride.