Take an easy morning or afternoon motorcycle ride to a spectacular back-road entry into Arches National Park, Moab UT.  This is a 70-mile loop starting with the highway exiting downtown Moab.  After 20 boring highway miles, you will be rewarded with breath taking, panoramic scenery including wide open fields of desert flora with looming red rock formations and snow caped mountains in the distance. Well maintained dirt roads encompass the middle portion of the ride.  The dirt road leads into a dried river bottom that may challenge you with shallow silty sand.  It’s a short-lived challenge, so don’t worry, you can paddle your way through if necessary. The dirt road gives way to winding pavement and leads into Arches National Park.


After entering the park take your time and explore the many short roads that dead end with spectacular rock arch formations.  Links to GPX files and Google maps are located below.  These routes show a loop from downtown Moab to the dirt back road, through the park, and back to downtown.  Deviate from the loop to enjoy the short roads.  They lead to parking lots where visitors gain access to the park’s many trails and iconic rock formations.


Upon exiting the park, you will pass the manned entrance booth where fees are charged to those going in the opposite direction.  You will be on the free side; and, we were never stopped and asked to show our pass.

Slideshow of Views from Backroad Entry to Arches National Park

See the slideshow below to get an idea of the kind of road you encounter as well as the incredible views awaiting you.

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Navigation Free Downloads

Click the links for access to the FREE downloads for  GPX files and Google maps.  If you are using a Safari browser, you will have to rename the GPX file after Safari places it in your downloads.  Safari adds the file extension .txt.  You must remove the .txt so Garmin can read your file.

Go to Finder>Download. Locate the file. Highlight, right click, rename by simply removing .txt so the file name will end in .gpx  Safari may ask if you want to do this step so another application can open the file. Click yes or allow and you are good to go.

Clickable Links to Navigation File:

Google Map: tracks, waypoints, directions for Back-road Entry to Arches National Park

GPX file with tracks and route for Back-road Entry to Arches National Park