Vicky Jo Baker & Jon Matthew Baker, a motorcycling couple ALWAYS, ready to ride.

The Bakers love motorcycling and want to share with you information on their greatest rides, trips, and gear.  They have a passion for each other and motorcycling, and are always ready to ride.  Based in Northern California, Jon and VickyJo love what the region offers motorcycling maniacs.  It is a blessing to have a life partner that shares the passion to explore the world on two wheels.  The Bakers developed this web site as a forum for sharing and exchanging motorcycling information. The goal is to make connections with others who have a passion for riding and encourage couples and other motorcycle maniacs to ride.

Vicky Jo Baker, DM, MSN, CRNA
Vicky Jo Baker….

  is a happy woman with a love for motorcycles.  A GREAT day for her means a long day spent riding someplace beautiful and challenging with her husband and best friend Jon Baker.  They ride every chance possible which is often and usually together.

Vicky Jo began a love for 2 wheel motorized adventure in early childhood when Daddy bought her a minibike for Christmas.  From there she advanced  to off-road riding the Kawasaki Bushmaster.  Later in life she got a Harley and traveled alone on many road trips.  Now she’s back to loving trails with a Suzuki DRZ 400, and touring– both on and off road– on her BMW GS 1200 Rallye.

Jon Matthew Baker, MD
Jon Matthew Baker …

is a doctor and he will use this excuse to explain just about anything. Specifically he is a Cardiothoracic surgeon– that should explain it all to you. Jon has been riding motorcycles since he was a kid.  He loves anything with two wheels. The best word to describe Jon is Intense. He seeks  out challenges and makes goals. Then, he sets out to accomplish them. Jon went through years of training for triathlons, marathons, and endurance cycling.  He completed Ironman triathlons, and ultra-marathon cycling events.  He even got in to mountain climbing.  Jon applied his love for ultra distance challenge to motorcycling too.  He became a member of the Ironbutt club seeking more and bigger challenges until it took the joy out of riding. Then he bought a dirt bike.  An a old friend from his triathlon days said “lets do LA-Barstow to Vegas.” Then it was all over. He had a new goal and race to prepare for. This began a passion for dual sport bikes, and eventually adventure bikes. Thus, a renewed zeal for motorcycles led to a new life goal–to ride the world, or as much as one can get in, while working full time as a Surgeon.

Jon thinks he can do anything and fix anything, but mostly just likes to ride. Jon fell in Love with Vicky Jo in 1984 and found her again in 2014.  Passion for motorcycles and love for each other mends their differences in politics, religion and just about every thing else most couples argue about.  They have discovered that  motorcycling together builds unique and incredible bonds for a marriage.  Some of these include mutual support and protection, shared joys and thrills from the road, and pride in one another with shared victory.  The the list goes on and on.   Motorcycling brings Jon and Vicky together in unique ways and directs their love for life and adventure.

The Past…

Jon and VickyJo met while on active duty in the US Navy. At the time they were too young to understand much about the world or the magic connection brewing between them. Other life dreams demanding full focus took over. Thus, they drifted apart and lost each other over the years.  However, neither ever fully escaped the pull of that special magic that connected them.  After many years, the power of the internet brought them together again.  This time they made a decision to live the magic.

The Future…

The Bakers dream of the day when they ride out one morning together with no scheduled destination and no specific return date.  In the meantime, if you see them on the road, say hello. Or, if you are in Northern California and want to join them for a great ride just send an email and let them know.  VickyJo and Jon love motorcycling almost as much as they love each other, and want to share with you their passion for a life full of riding motorcycles.

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