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Vicky is broken

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Friday Vicky and I went for a nice dirt ride at our local OHV area, Prarie City.  Vicky was on her DRZ400SM doing great. After the ride I wanted a hot dog at Costco $1.50 with a drink. Vicky, being wise wanted to wait until later to get a hot dog but I would have none of that. Needed it now. So, we got a hotdog and after that the disaster occurred… Continue reading “Vicky is broken”

First Usal Road Challenge 2017

Seven hundred miles in two days makes for a long weekend of fabulous motorcycling.  As always with Jon Baker, searching for dirt roads and out of the way places is an adventure. We found rolling pastures colorful with spring flora, historic towns, grand hotels, giant redwoods, the Lost Coast and newly opened Usal Road.

Usal Road, Butler Map

South of Shelter Cove along California’s Northern coast lies Mendocino County Route 431, the famous Usal Road. Approaching Usal Road in mid-afternoon and finding the gate unlocked I was eager to ride this challenging road that I had read about and waited all winter to see. Continue reading “First Usal Road Challenge 2017”

Buck Meadows Yosemite Dual Sport Event

Last Saturday we attended a BMW National Adventure Riding Series Event hosted by Family Off Road Adventures.  This ride is held twice a year and offers 150 riders the chance to explore some little-known trails around Yosemite. This year’s ride was cut short because of weather related trail closures so Jon and I added some pavement to give us a total ride of nearly 100 miles.  Details of our route including gpx files, google map, and photos are posted on

Click Image for details:

Buck Meadows Loop

Big Bikes on White Rim Trail

It has taken some time and a lot of learning to be able to share our motorcycle ride of Moab’s White Rim Trail.  But we finally have uploaded the photos and video.  To share a 4 minute ride of the White Rim Trail click on the arrow in the youtube video below.  To see more about our Moab trip  CLICK HERE.  or go to and click Trips and then Moab.

Iowa Hills, Narrow, Curvy, Steep

This is a great paved ride for any type motorcycle. GPX file, Google Map, Ride details now posted. Check it out under FAVORITE RIDES > Iowa Hills Ride  on  or CLICK HERE for a direct link.

Mavic Pro Drone

We wanted to expand our photo and video to show you our rides.

I having been toying with the idea of buying a Drone for about a year now. I was going to buy the Go Pro Karma but due to some technical issues I decided to buy the Mavic Pro by DJI. This is a folding very compact Drone. It has all the technology of DJI’s larger heavier Phantom Drones but is portable.

Now I have absolutely no flying experience and have never flown a drone or remote control aircraft before. In the past when I did buy a remote control aircraft it lasted about 10 minutes then I would console my son that it was fun while it lasted.

The Mavic Pro is completely different… Continue reading “Mavic Pro Drone”

Dual Sport Fun Eldorado CA

Join us for 4 minutes of Sunday’s Dual Sport Ride of Yankee Jim, Shirt Tail Canyon, and Elliott Ranch — GREAT dual sport riding near Eldorado Forest in Northern California.


CLICK HERE for Youtube video.


Know When to Go and Know When to Say NO!

My weekend 1500+ mile ride was a hodgepodge of places, terrain, bikes, and people. It started out near the Anza Borrego Desert in San Diego County and travelled as far north as Hell Hole Reservoir in Placer County, California.  Most of it I did alone. But, some of the miles I shared with Motocross World Champion Bonnie Warch, and some I shared with the Champion of my world, Jon Baker. From the deserts to the mountains, across dry sand or wet slimy mud, rocky ruts or smooth highway, the important lesson is the same.  Know when to go, and know when to say no! Continue reading “Know When to Go and Know When to Say NO!”

Invest in yourself!

Dream machines and the best gear are not enough.  Sometimes you have to focus on skill building to get the best out of the ride.  That’s what I’m doing this weekend in the Southern California desert at Coach2ride of Anza, CA…. Continue reading “Invest in yourself!”

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