Magura Hymec Clutch System for BMW GS 700:

Purchased from Amazon and installed by A&S Motorcycles, Sacramento.  They did a great job– Thank you A&S!

This clutch is the BEST!  It is smooth and easy on the hand.  It made a big difference in Vicky’s riding, especially off road on technical terrain.  The stock clutch system cause hand cramping and fatigue that limited my ability for extended riding on trails and dirt.  No more problems since the clutch was installed.  I’d buy it again in a flash!  I highly recommend it especially for a petite woman who loves riding a big bike on the dirt.

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Touratech is now carrying the Magura clutch kit. The price is about the same everywhere. It will cost you about $300. Sounds like a lot, but no more cables. Clutch cables cost about $75. You choose.

There is a warning from Amazon that says the item does not fit the 2015 BMW F700GS, but it did and it is FANTASTIC.  The stock clutch was tight and especially troublesome when riding off-road.  If you are a woman that LOVES the dirt, this upgrade will make a tremendous difference in your riding.

If you decide to install this yourself, this video from Magura goes step by step how to do it. It is in German. The GS800 and GS700 are the same. You could save $250 on installation if you do it yourself. We had A&S BMW do it, it was the first one they had installed. They did a nice job.

Touratech Adjustable Folding Rear Brake Pedal Kit for BMW F700GS:

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The problem is that when standing on the pegs Vicky’s foot is too small to reach the brake lever.  With the stock lever, she has to move her foot forward so that only the heel of the boot is on the peg, plus rotate her foot inward to reach the brake lever.  Such a movement is awkward, slows responsiveness to terrain and braking speed, and causes the entire body to shift position.

After a month of riding I can say this rear brake pedal is a perfect solution for my little foot problem.  The pedal is adjustable forward for big feet and most importantly for me, it is adjustable to the rear so that now I can reach the pedal by changing the angle of my toe when I stand on the pegs.  Braking is smoother and I am more confident and secure knowing that stopping power is responsive to the touch of my toe.

Center Stand for lowered BMW GS 700:

BMW GS700 Factory lowered has no center stand on it. So if you are going to be able to fix the bike on the road you need one.  Very easy to install, except for the springs, be prepared to lose some skin. $179.00.  Also for off-road training at BMW off-road academy classes, use of the center stand is required for some class exercises.  Use of the center stand is not easy for a small person, especially if the bike is loaded.  It takes skill and practice to be able to put the bike on and off the center stand.

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Bash Plates

All of our bikes have protection on them. The Engine on most adventure bikes just hangs on the the frame. Old bikes and motocross bikes have a frame under the motor, not so for adventure bikes. I think the first thing you should put on your bike is a good Bash Plate. This could save you thousands of dollars in repair of a fractured casing.

The KTM 690 comes with a small plastic bash plate.  Jon ordered a  heavier bash plate from Blackdog and installed it on the 690.  It is very large as you can see in the pictures below.  It is also heavy adding weight to the bike as well as reducing ground clearance.  But it offers maximum safety for critical engine parts that need the extra protection for aggressive riding on rocky terrain.

When Jon purchased the KTM 1190 he was planning for aggressive off road riding.  So he had the dealer include an upgraded KTM OM bash plate for the bike at delivery.  He is very happy with this upgrade.

We just purchased from Moose Racing a carbon fiber bash plate for the DRZ 400 SM.  The factory stock bash plate is a small plastic coving that seems fragile. Jon worked on the installation a couple of hours already but it is not yet completed.  So far, mounting has been complicated by misaligned screw holes and an imperfect fit to the DRZ’s engine shape.  Jon put the bike back in the garage for now.  Vicky is injured and will not ride for another 8 weeks at least.  So, he has some time to problem solve this addition.  A full review is forthcoming in the next few weeks.

The BMW GS 700 is a lowered model having only 6 inches of ground clearance so a rugged bash plate was installed soon after purchase of the bike.  The Altrider model fits snuggly to the BMW engine thus minimally compromising already low ground clearance. It has been a true bike engine saver too because Vicky hits on the rocks often and sometimes teeter toters to clear obstacles on the trail, for example small whoops, logs, rocks.  Often rocks fly up and “bang” sounds ring out as Vicky rides along rocky trails due to rocks flying up and into the bash plate.  Jon put a sturdy, large bash plate from Altrider on the BMW and we are sure it has saved the engine many times.

BMW Altrider Bash Plate (1 of 1)
BMW GS 700 Altrider Bash Plate

Case Savers for the DRZ400SM

With each bike you learn what will break when they fall over. The DRZ400 is know for the shifting lever and break lever breaking the soft cases of the motor. A simple fall over could end your ride. For $30 you can prevent a case fracture. These are simple pieces of steel that protect the soft motor from impact. Very easy install.

these are from Thumper Talk. You simply glue them on. I’ll update after we’ve had them all for awhile to see if they stay on and work.


Always a good topic. What tires do you run. I have tried many but always go back to Continental TKC 80’s. They don’t last very long about 3000 miles on a rear a 6000 miles on front. But the grip great in most conditions and don’t scare me on the road at high speed. We have these on almost all of our bikes.


Motorcycle Windshields

BMW GS 700 windshield upgrade

The BMW GS700 comes with a very small windshield that really does nothing for the bike or the rider. For $250 you will make your bike look better and ride like a dream. There are cheaper shields but none work this well. Vicky can ride over 100 mph without wind being a factor.

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KTM 1190 windshield upgrade

The stock windshield on the 1190 is not too bad, it adjust up and down and actually blocks some wind. The larger shield is just better for long trips. If would have designed it I would have made it more upright. It leans back like a sport bike. I always use the new shield in the low position and always used the stock in the high position. At first it bothered me in dirt but now I don’t  even notice it it there. Very easy to change and mount in about 5 mins. For $140 easy choice.

Suzuki DRZ 400 Windshield Upgrade:

For the DRZ my windshield upgrade is the Rallye Windshield from Bajaworx. It is made of 1/8 inch polycarbonate thermoplastic that is scratch resistant and was so simple to install. It makes a difference in riding from home to off-road sites via the freeway.  I get this little bike up to 75+ mph with knobby tires, it’s smooth and I don’t feel the wind.  The windshield makes getting places quickly a smooth and comfortable endeavor. I have taken a few spills off-road since installing the shield and it has held up well despite the banging around the rocks. Pricing was very reasonable and it arrived quickly and well packaged. For merchant pricing and other details check out the shield on their website: