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Motorcycle Water Crossing practice

Know When to Go and Know When to Say NO!

My weekend 1500+ mile ride was a hodgepodge of places, terrain, bikes, and people. It started out near the Anza Borrego Desert in San Diego County and travelled as far north as Hell Hole Reservoir in Placer County, California.  Most of it I did alone. But, some of the miles I shared with Motocross World Champion Bonnie Warch, and some I shared with the Champion of my world, Jon Baker. From the deserts to the mountains, across dry sand or wet slimy mud, rocky ruts or smooth highway, the important lesson is the same.  Know when to go, and know when to say no! Continue reading “Know When to Go and Know When to Say NO!”

Need to Practice Water crossings? We have a ride for you!

Need to practice your water crossings? This ride is waiting for you! We call this the Latrobe Road or Our Red Dirt Road Ride and now the water is just right. Maps, Photos, Videos just updated on our website at this link: CLICK HERE for details. Or go to and click on Favorite Rides.

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